At Volunteer Metal Finishing, we strive to provide total customer satisfaction through teamwork, quality workmanship and commitment to continuous improvement.

Now more than ever it is important to prove that quality and cost requirements can be met before a product goes into production.  Preventing problems before they occur is one of the most effective methods of reducing costs associated with production.  Quality finishing services lay the foundation for a complete quality product. That’s where Volunteer Metal Finishing shines!

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We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Volunteer Metal Finishing is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

We are ISO 9001:2015 in the following:

  • Anodizing-Type II & lll (Hardcoat) Dyed & Non-Dyed
  • Chromate Conversion Coating (Alodine) Class 1A & 3
  • Electropolish (of Stainless Steel)
  • Passivation-Citric & Nitric
  • Zinc Plating (Barrel & Rack) Clear & Yellow
  • Black Oxide
  • Electroless Nickel

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What Clients Say

  “We use Volunteer for a variety of coating and plating.  They do good quality work and have good turn times.  They are a great bunch of people to work with.”

-Jay Walters at Bell Helicopter

“Our company has done business with Volunteer Metal Finishing for over 7 years and considers them a key partner in our manufacturing operation. They have provided excellent quality finished products to our company. Volunteer is always there when we need them, and strives to go above and beyond in all expectations. I would highly recommend them!”

-Michael Longshore at Suhner Manufacturing

“We have been doing business with Volunteer Metal Finishing for almost 10 years and we really enjoy working with them. Their quality of work, turnaround time, and great customer service make them very easy to work with.”-Scotty at Oak Ridge Fab 

-Scotty at Oak Ridge Fab